Why Visit Denmark – 5 Best Reasons

Denmark continues to be referred to as a rustic by having an excellent business climate, along with the least corrupt and 2nd most peaceful country in the world. If these aren’t enough to convince you to definitely visit Denmark, listed here are five some other reasons to go for Denmark holidays.

  1. The Most joyful Put on Earth

Among its many accolades and awards, Denmark has earned the excellence to be the most joyful plcae on the planet, and you will find this clear to see when you visit Denmark. In the capital, Copenhagen, alone, you’ll find Danes smiling when you shop along Europe’s longest pedestrian roads, getting a family picnic within the Tivoli Gardens or just having a carefree stroll within the gardens from the Amalienborg Palace, particularly throughout the country’s apparently endless summer days. Even just in winter once the sun rarely shines, recreational activities abound, while you will find festivals scattered all year round, such as the three-day Circus of Copenhagen, the equally colorful Aalborg Circus, the Odense Worldwide Times of Blues and also the Holmsboe Festival in Horsens. Indeed, should you be a Dane, you’d be happy, too.

  1. Freetown Christiana

Probably the most interesting places in Denmark is Freetown Christiana, an area in Copenhagen infamous because of its own liberated algorithm. Here, you’ll find anarchism rampant, the hippie movement more alive than ever before, yoga as typically the most popular pastime, a restricted quantity of private cars permitted, a thriving Gay House and both academics and unemployed people taking sanctuary – that makes it a totally different world of their own. There are also hash and skunk weed freely offered in lots of shops along Pusher Street, even though this is something Denmark is attempting to ratify.

  1. Danish Design

Danish design is famous throughout the world because of its trendy mixture of sophistication and ease, as apparent in the furniture, crafts and architecture. Indeed, you will notice many cafes and occasional bars in Denmark which look like easy pieces of art. You may also spend the night time within the world’s first designer hotel – the SAS Royal Hotel, which exudes style towards the very tiniest details. To understand more about Danish design, visit the Danish Design Center or even the Danish Museum of Art and style or find out about specific Danish crafts in the Museum for Worldwide Contemporary Glass and also the Museum for Worldwide Ceramic Art.

  1. Danish Food

Because of its cuisine, Denmark has various regional specialties like pan-fried plaice with wild berries in Skagen, pramdragergryde (protuberances of pork with bacon and coarsely chopped vegetables) in Gudena, cabbage sausage in southern Jutland and bidesild (sardines drenched in brine) in Mon, open sandwiches or Smorrebrod are available just about everywhere. For tasty Danish gourmet dishes, actually eat out at among the Michelin-appeared restaurants in the united states, like Formel B, Restaurant Ensemble, Restaurant Herman and Noma.

For drinks, you’ll find Mead, that coffee from the Vikings, in Danish pubs, in addition to champagne and fruit wines offered in Danish restaurants, although Denmark remains a beer country, with nearly 100 micro breweries. Famous breweries include individuals in Herslev, Refsvindinge and Bogedal, where beer brewing is recognized as a skill and done the standard way – with human hands or old-fashioned technology – which will make them worthy attractions whenever you visit Denmark. You’ll also find Glogg or hot punch throughout during Christmas, that is best enjoyed using the roast goose or special grain porridge that is included with the Julefrokost or Christmas feast.

  1. Attractions kids

Would you like to take the kids with you whenever you visit Denmark? Go ahead and, achieve this, because there are certainly lots of fun possibilities for kids of every age group that await them. Included in this are zoos such as the Copenhagen Zoo, Odense Zoo and Aalborg Zoo where they are able to find out more about wild creatures like tigers, giant turtles and chimpanzees, as well as reach communicate with them. They may also find out about the cultural heritage of Denmark by going to the Viking Ship Museum, the Hendes Christian Andersen Museum and also the J.F. Willumsen’s Junior Museum or see toys throughout the world in the Skuldelev Toy Museum.

Typically the most popular Danish attraction for kids, though, may be the original Legoland in Billund, with lots of exciting rides all made from colorful Lego blocks, and that’s why this can be a placed you should certainly take the kids to whenever you visit Denmark. Remiseparken, Valbyparken and Faelledparken offer safe and delightful places for your kids to experience in and explore, though nothing can beat a treasure search in the Selso Castle for youthful adventurers.