What Makes Great Golf Resorts

Golf resorts are built in varying sizes and shapes. The smallest golf resort can provide a boutique hotel or a few cottages and one golf course. The largest ones are equipped with some courses, many luxury rooms, world-class amenities, and different facilities. If you are a golfer who likes unlimited golf stay-and-play packages, the size of a course should matter to you. You want a course where you can play at various courses on a daily basis. When choosing a golf course, there are elements you need to keep in mind to make the right choice. The best golf resorts should have the following:

Several Golf Courses

Resorts that have more than 72 holes are impressive. A lot of good resorts have a minimum of four courses accessible from one clubhouse. One of such courses should be a headliner with an amazing layout.

Restaurants and Bars

A lot of golfers will want to try out different menus from different restaurants. Having more options will make a golf course a preferred destination. They need to offer their guests with a mix of fine dining and casual hangouts. Golf groups will surely come back year after year in courses that feature the best foods and an impressive atmosphere.

Practice Facilities and Instructors

Golfers who are on vacation will want to warm up since it might be a long time since they played. The perfect golf resort has free range balls with a booked tee time. They let package golfers use the range every time they want. With good practice facilities, resorts groom future guests. They need to have experienced and knowledgeable instructors who will willingly spend time assisting novice players.

Contemporary Facilities

Modern spa, pools, and fitness facilities are usually for the spouse or kids of golfers; however, great golf resorts must have them to provide their guests with a resort feel. Spas play a role in attracting people, especially couples in golf resorts. A great resort provides the most modern facilities that make the stay of solo or family golfers worth it.

Other Recreational Programs

 More than just golf, a resort should provide their guests with a recreational pursuit. They usually sell excursions for guests of all ages and interests. A lot of travelers prefer to hike and bike on the trails instead of settling with the fitness center. Reputable resorts like Khao Lak Golf take advantage of the surrounding nature and give their guests an easy access to it.