Traveling To China For The First Time? Here Are Some Quick Tips!

China has emerged as one of the better offbeat global destinations for tourists, and there’s a lot you can enjoy here, given the size of the country. By now, you probably have Beijing and the Great Wall of China on your list, but before you move ahead and get the bookings done, here are some tips that may come handy.

It isn’t a bargain destination. If you compare the cost of traveling to China to some of the other Asian countries, the difference can be startling. In short, this is not a cheap country for travelers, and you would probably do better if you book one of the China tours.

  • If you schedule permits, come to China during the Chinese New Year, which is around late January. The food items, gifts and delicacies are to die for, but make sure to book your rooms in advance.
  • Tipping is not common in hotels, restaurants and hostels, and therefore, avoid that. Compliments for services are often unique in nature. Many locals will offer a drink or a smoke to the waiter.
  • Chinese food is really varied, and not like anything you will taste in the West or even in neighboring India. Also, not everyone eats snakes, dogs and insects as you would imagine reading internet tales. There is something for everyone, and restaurants in the bigger cities have a great spread.

  • People can be loud. Yes, you read that loud. What might seem like a heated argument between locals is usually a casual talk. They are usually loud even in public places, so you don’t need really to speak low.
  • If you are here, do take some time to enjoy a Chinese massage. It might quite different than what you would otherwise experience in Bangkok or Hongkong. If time permits, take some interest in ancient Chinese medicine, which is back in the spotlight.
  • Please note that China doesn’t offer Visa on arrival for most countries. So, make sure that the paperwork is done in advance. Typically, you will need an invitation from a Chinese friend/relative to get the Visa. Norms may differ, so check.

If you want to drive, it is usually not recommended on the first trip. Go for a guided tour at best to avoid confusions, and select your destinations wisely, because you cannot cover the entire of China in a single trip. And yes, do bring sanitizers and toilet supplies with your, especially for the interiors.