The Real South Africa – The Things the Media Don’t Say

The media have always had a way of distorting the image of a country. Many global news stories twist around what South Africa looks like in real life. Much like in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, the media stresses the “barbaric, animalistic and uncivilised” nature of Africa and its people. It portrays Africa most cruelly, making people believe that Africa is nothing but a barren wasteland full of savages. But, this is not the real South Africa. The media don’t show us what it’s really like to live there, how beautiful their country is, and how wonderful the people are.

Here are the things that the media don’t say about Africa:

  1. The breath-taking scenery

The landscapes of South Africa would make you stand in awe of their majestic beauty. When you get to hike up the massive mountain ranges, rock formations and the various foothills scattered around South Africa, you get to take in a magnificent panoramic view. The country also has beautiful waterfalls, riverine forests, caves and many other places you can explore.

  • The bustling city life

The cities of South Africa come alive at night. Dance to the rhythm of African drums and taste local cuisines, get to know the locals and visit South Africa’s hot spots.  You can experience the vibrant culture and see the rich history of Africa when you stroll through the various cities of this country.

  • Wildlife safari

South Africa has a rich wildlife diversity. The country has 299 species of mammals including 858 species of birds.South Africa is known to have the largest population of ostriches and lions in the world. They also have many reserves aimed to protect endangered wildlife and give them sanctuary. They also have a lot of National Parks including Kruger National Park, the best place to see the majestic lions and leopards, the gentle elephants, the graceful gazelles, the powerful buffalos and rhinos. You can also get to see endangered species like the Giant Golden Mole, Mountain Zebra, Riverine Rabbit and African Wild Dog.

  • Adventurous activities

You can do a lot of things in South Africa. You can go paragliding, kayaking, skydiving and hot air ballooning, river rafting, windsurfing, treetop zip-lining and many more. Whatever adrenaline-pumping activity and adventure you want, South Africa has it. The possibilities are endless in this country.

  • The beautiful coasts

Africa has many beautiful beaches and shores,and iSimangaliso Wetland Park is one of the most popular and most visited eco tourist destinations. This World Heritage Site has eight ecosystems. You can explore coral reefs and beautiful beaches in this park. You can also go whale watching, and you might even have the chance to see the Sei Whale, Blue Whale and the Fin Whale, the three endangered whales of South Africa.

These are the things that getobscured when the media narrate stories about South Africa. That’s why we must go beyond the stereotypes and start to learn the truth for ourselves. The country is indeed a hidden gem, and we should embrace the beauty of South Africa.