How to Make the Most Out of your Bali Vacation

Bali is an amazing Indonesian island that should be included in any traveller’s bucket list. A few days route in the island should include a mix of great experiences and hidden gems. If you are planning to visit Bali soon, here are the top things to do there on the island to help you maximize your experience:

Visit the Tegalalang Rice Terraces

This attraction is a beautiful rice paddies valley situated close to Ubud. Here, you can experience the best sunrise or sunset in your lifetime. One of the reasons to visit this place is to enjoy this best time in Tegalalang.

Venture into the Sekumpul Waterfalls

This is one of Bali’s impressive waterfalls. It is away from other tourist attractions on the island. Despite the challenges visitors have to deal with to get here, this real gem makes their effort worth it. It could take you 40 minutes to hike down the falls but you will enjoy a great fresh shower when you get there.

Live with Locals

In Bali, you get the chance to stay with a local family and live like them. While this can be scary for other people, this can give the opportunity to immerse with the culture and customs of the country. Staying with a local family lets you help them do their work, eat with them and have great past times together. Once your stay is over, you get to leave plenty of friends behind. This experience is something you cannot have back home so why not grab it? While you may still want to book one of the unique romantic luxury hotels in Bali, you can spend a few days with a local family.

Experience Munduk’s Sunrise

Munduk is located higher up north in the island of Bali. It has a rainy and foggy climate that makes it a lot greener than near the coast. Whether or not you are a morning person, you don’t want to miss the sunrise in the Munduk area.

Experience Surfing

You don’t have to be a professional surfer to enjoy the great waves of Balik. If you are a beginner, Kuta should be the place for you where you have access to many surfing sports such as Canggu beaches and Uluwatu. Hire an instructor and get your board to get started.

Taste Canggu’s Mouth-Watering Foods

If you are a food lover, head to Canggu. Local food, vegan, fusion, burgers and pastries await for you here. Don’t worry about the calories as you can compensate your satiation with a bit of surfing. This lets you take your love for food seriously while in Canggu.