Fancy An Alternative Holiday? Guided European Walking Tours Await

For the majority of UK families, the traditional package holiday at a resort has lost its appeal, and more often than not, you need a holiday at the end of your holiday! Sitting around sipping martinis next to a pool does have a certain appeal, but it will do nothing to improve your physical fitness, whereas a week on the Spanish mainland exploring the natural delights at a comfortable walking pace will bring with it many benefits.

The Wonders of Mainland Europe

For the UK citizen, mainland Europe offers a variety of colourful cultures and some amazing terrain, and whether you are happier in a sub tropical climate, or would rather have a more bracing environment, Europe has it all, and more. Spain is one of the more popular walking holiday destinations, and for good reason, as it has a wide range of environments and stable weather, and with a choice of guided or self-guided walking tours, there’s something to suit everyone. Here is a link to, who happen to be the market leader in walking holidays, and after some browsing, you will have a much clearer idea of what is on offer, and should you have any queries, they would be happy to provide an answer.

Graded Walks

It isn’t wise to group together walkers of different fitness levels, as this will cause some of the group problems, and the best way to ensure that everyone in the group is of a similar fitness level is to grade each person. A semi retired couple, for example, would be ideally suited to a Level 1 walk, which is the easiest and involves mainly flat terrain, and with a gentle pace, you get to see the finest natural attractions that your destination country has to offer. Levels 2 & 3 would suit the active family, and with a choice of guided or self-guided, there is something for everyone.

The Adventurous Hiker

If you relish the challenge of mountainous terrain and are prepared to hike for a few days at a time, camping along the way, there is a range of hiking trails that are suitable for people who have a high level of fitness. You might be single and wish to join a group of likeminded people on a walking holiday somewhere in Europe, or you might have lots of friends and wish to make up your own group, either way, the tour operator has you covered.

A Unique Experience

The vast majority of people who undertake a walking holiday will return, and by selecting the right level and a preferred location, you have the foundations for a truly memorable experience that you will probably want to repeat. Joining a walking tour is a great way to meet new friends, and many families have forged a lifelong relationship with another family they met on a walking holiday.

It may never have occurred to you that you could spend your annual holiday in this way, and with some online browsing, you can quickly discover the many exciting packages on offer with a walking holiday in Europe.