Tips for the first-timers to Rome

Are you a first-timer in Rome? There are a few things that first-timers stepping into the beautiful country of Italy should know, particularly about the 3000-year old city of Rome. The Italian capital harbors some of the world famous architectural monuments with some spectacular sightseeing depicting the finest Mediterranean climate it prevails. This article will help in finding the best mode of conveyances, tour plans, etc in Rome.

Avoid taxis, get on a train or airport shuttle bus

After several hours of flight- all you’ll want is to grab a taxi that’ll drive you to the main city or to the given hotel address. But, you have to be extra careful while booking a taxi, many are infamous for ripping off the international tourists by charging double and sometimes more than the €30 that is the accurate rate from the Ciampino Airport into Rome. A comparatively cheaper alternative is to avail the airport shuttle bus that takes around 45 minutes to drive you to Rome at a cost of €6.

From Fiumicino’s Leonardo da Vinci Airport, the taxi fee is around €48 to Rome. For a cheaper alternative, you can avail a 30 minutes Leonardo Express train to Termini Station at €14.

Get a tour plan and buy a package

The tour plan, cost, services everything will differ. So, before you jump into any conclusion, have an in-depth research on the chosen companies and their packages and compare. Your research on the different packages and services will help you in taking the right decision. To experience the best of Rome, opt for Rome walking tours where the guide will walk you to the greatest attractions across the city of Rome.

Avoid the crowded areas to grab the best bites in Rome. Choose the night or early mornings to explore the local attractions in Rome.